Thursday, November 13, 2008

My movie links don't work..

Been too busy to fix them.. will try to do so soon..

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Denise & Dianne Sloan..

Three retro scenes of Sisters Denise and Dianne Sloane.. quality not that great..


SloansLLsc1.rar - SloansLLsc2.rar


Pass for all:

Twin Sister Threesome.. (Fixed)

This is from the early 90's, I think.. can tell by the hairy pussies.. the intro takes up over half the scene.. when the action starts the identical twins put on a show for their man by getting into each other..

Twins Chrystelle & Sandrine..

Bad quality clip of identical twins Chrystelle & Sandrine in an outdoor gangbang.. both get DP'd.. and theres good interaction with each other..



Monday, June 9, 2008

Fisting Cousins Bonnie & Brittney..

Bonnie and her hot blonde cousin Britney have identical boobs, lol.. this contains some rough sex.. both briefly eat each others pussy.. heavily fist each other with Britney vigorously DP'ing Bonnie with both hands.. Bonnie is a massive squirter as well..


Picture gallery Here

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fantasy Sisters Hailey & Alyssa

Two hot identical incestuous twins from the now defunct site these twins were not shy in their lovemaking together..

FS_Astrap.wmv - FS_Buttplug.wmv

FS_Fetish_p1.wmv - FS_Fetish_p2.wmv

FS_Kitchen_Fuck.wmv - FS_Double_Dong.wmv

FS_Oral.wmv - FS_Pickle.wmv

FS_Strap_On.wmv - FS_Surprise.wmv

FS_Gyno.wmv - FS_Wakeup.wmv